Plastic in a decent way

At Werinova, our big passion is plastic, but we are also aware of how plastic affects our nature. Therefore, we want to work with plastic in a and sustainable decent way. Through innovative thinking, recycling of plastics, biomaterials, metal replacements or finding other environmentally friendly materials. We want to contribute to creating a sustainable world.

Heard of Plastic Island?

Our goal is to buy parts of the “Plastic Island” and reuse it in our products, to create a sustainable world..

We are of course certified according to ISO 14001: 2015 and quality and environmental is run through ISO 9001: 2015.

Passion for plastic

With our knowledge and burning interest for substitutable plastics we have the solutions and together we can make a difference. We will help you to take the right responsibility. 

The Werinova Way

Our goal is to have all injection molds, company cars and all other peripherals to be as energy efficient as possible. We shall always be updated on new environmentally friendly and smart ways to produce products and we shall always make smart conscious choices “Saving the Future”.

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