Privacy Policy

Processing of personal data at Werinova AB

For Werinova AB, personal privacy is important. We strive for a high level of data protection. In this policy, we explain how we collect and use personal information. We also describe your rights and how you can make them valid.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about how we process your personal data. Contact information at the end of this letter.

What is a personal information and what is a processing of personal data?

Personal data is all information about a living person who can be directly or indirectly connected to that person. It’s not just about names and social security numbers, but also i.e. pictures and email addresses.

Processing of personal data is everything that happens with the personal data in the IT systems, regardless of devices are mobile devices or computers. This involves, for example, collection, registration, structuring, storage, processing and transfer. In some cases, manual registers may also be included.

 Responsibel for processing of personal data

For the processes that take place within Werinova AB’s operations, Werinova AB is responsible for personal data;

Werinova AB, Industrivägen 2, 565 33 Mullsjö, SWEDEN. Vat no SE556563111501

What personal information do we collect about you and why?

We mainly deal with your name, social security number, address and contact details, bank account for payroll and information that you have given about your immediate family.

We treat your personal data in order to fulfil our obligations under our employment agreement with you and to comply with the rules of law and collective agreements.

 Personal Data Assistants

In some situations, it is necessary for us to hire other parties. For example, various IT providers for HR systems or electronic driving records. They are then personal data assistants to us. We control personal data assistants to ensure that they guarantee the security and privacy of personal data. When personal data assistants are hired, it only happens for the purposes that are compatible with the purposes we ourselves have for the treatment.

Performers who are independently responsible for personal data

We also share your personal information with some others who are independently responsible for personal data, such as authorities, the tax authorities, when we are obliged to share such information with the support of laws or authority decisions. When your personal information is shared with an operator who is independently responsible for personal data, it applies under that organization’s privacy policy and personal data management.

How long do we save your personal data?

We never save your personal information beyond what is necessary for each purpose. For example, some accounting records need to be saved for at least seven years, due to legislation.

What are your rights as registered?

As registered, you have several rights under current legislation. You have the right to get an extract showing what personal data we have registered about you. You can request modification of incorrect information and in some cases delete.

Contact us if you have questions about how we process personal data.

If you have questions about how we process personal information, please contact Camilla Ågren 0392-38839, who is responsible for personal data issues.

We could make changes to our privacy policy. The latest version of the privacy policy is always here on the company intranet site or our employee manual.

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